Social Media Marketing Success – Things to Look Out For in 2010

2010 is here and a lot is expected from this particular year. The social media revolution is growing ever so strong and has now practically become the single most dominant factor of the internet marketing world. Multinational firms, web agencies, marketing executives, offices, global organizations, entrepreneurs and every other type of business has taken advantage of the social media stream.

Social Media is beneficial, we all know this but what most of us don’t realize is that social media is not a tool via which one can attain a boost in their work. Social Media is a full fledged marketing medium, it is a path way which is rich with different kinds of tools and is equipped with endless possibilities. Here I am going to discus some of the most important elements to look out for in the year 2010:

Facebook – Not Over Yet!

Facebook till date is the largest digital streaming social network and is at the core of most social media marketing strategies. For those who think that the reign of Facebook is over, they are badly mistaken. Facebook has emerged as the strongest social media tool and people have developed entire businesses which work on the Facebook platform. The true potential of Facebook has still not been exploited by most; the viral channels offered by Facebook Inc. has the unique capability of exposing your brand/product to millions of targeted audience. Facebook is now being used by i-marketers has a complete social branding solution. Using Facebook applications, Facebook Connect Integration, Facebook Fan Page development and not to forget Facebook advertisements.

Google Wave – Not up to expectations? Think Again!

We have all heard how badly Google Wave has turned out. The blogging world has written many articles which highlight the fact that Google Wave has not lived up to expectations and Google took the wrong decision when the declared Google Wave as the next generation of social networks.

As far as I think (and most of my readers will agree to it) Google Wave was not all about disappointment. Still in its “alpha” version there is much more to come than the “live chat” functionality. One thing is for sure, that Google is not a child’s play and surely with its upgraded versions Google Wave will be making much more of an impact. Keep an eye for the release of Google Wave beta.

Twitter – The internet marketing bird is on a flight!

Twitter is still in its growing phases and although the progress bar is moving a little too slow, the internet marketing bird is not completely out of the race. The problem with twitter is that most social media marketing strategist have failed to make profound use of the 140 characters. On the other hand issues of down time (the big whale you see) are yet to be resolved and this particular factor is hurting twitter badly. Never the less Twitter is expected to improve with new features being introduced and is still a sound marketing media.

iPhone – Growing like the beanstalk!

Remember the magic beanstalk that kept on growing and growing? iPhone is showing similar traits! From Europe to America the iPhone market has expanded and grown enormously. The app store is flooded with millions of applications that are a reflection of the powerful SDK behind the sleek and smart looks of the iPhone. With iPhone 3GS in the market, developers are now creating applications that are engaging, fun to use and highly viral too which opens up new doors for marketing plans. Do look out for new apps in the app store. iPhone is a sure shot game maker in the social media play.

Google Android – New kid on the block

Still in its toddler days, Google Android has finally arrived in the market. Available in the American region only, android is expected to give iPhone some tough time. With open source coding the smart phone has already taken edge over the iPhone, allowing developers a free hand the Android is expected to rise and shine on the social media horizon.

So this is it, 2010 is hear and the social media world has its fingers crossed. Loads of expectations and some spectacular innovations! Able IT Solutions is a social media marketing agency that deals in app development for Facebook, Bebo, iPhone and other platforms.

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