What to Do When My Computer Is Running Very Slow?

Computers are expected to perform higher than par, and when they don’t we tend to get angry and irritable. Add to that the fact that we don’t know what causes the computer’s poor performance, and then we become frustrated. For those with money to spare, all they do is to replace their present computers with a new model with higher specifications. However, not everyone can do that so when my computer is running very slow I know that I have to troubleshoot the problem myself or just ask an expert to look into it.

So what happens when my computer is running very slow? After some time, a computer’s performance decreases because it has run its course especially when it has been bought three years ago yet. Sometimes it needs some upgrading to it like additional RAM or just plain maintenance to fix the problem. Whatever the reasons may be, when my computer is running very slow I know it’s the time for me to seriously look into the problem so that it can be solved right away.

An essential feature of the computer’s operating system is its computer registry. Not all users can manage resolving this issue, hence you should seek a person with more know how to assist you. As years go by most computer files get corrupted somehow and more often than not these corrupted files affect the settings that have previously helped in its performance. When my computer is running very slow oftentimes these corrupted files are the reason for its poor performance. So I get cleanup software and use it to scan the files saved on my computer. Additionally, this software at the same can fix whatever problem is present in the computer.

The next thing that I look into when my computer is running very slow is to check my hard drive space. All files are auto saved into a computer and uses up all available space and this in turn will slow down all the processes of the computer. Therefore, as a user you should routinely check your computer’s hard drive and see whether there’s a need to do clean up of files. Unwanted and unnecessary files sitting on the hard drive should be permanently deleted. Afterward, a better performance will be seen by you.

Lastly, remove all spywares that might have been unintentionally saved in your computer. Most spyware works automatically when one turns on the computer. Others even mimic the processes that you do and this will certainly slow down your computer. It is quite difficult to detect these spywares. All one can do is to get a spyware program that is reliable and can delete them automatically as well.

All in all, the best thing to do to prevent your computer from slowing down is to perform routine maintenance checkups.

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