Digital Cameras – Smart Gadget to Store Special Moments

They are used to capture video and still photography, digitally by recording images. They are glossy and shiny, and present numerous amenities.

The Pros

1. They store pictures digitally, using detachable cards. One can buy a sole photo storage card that will permit you to take about 360 pictures. In a normal film, that consists of 15 rolls. A removable storage card is small and can be easily carried anywhere

2. After you capture a picture, you can see the view instantly. Now with this technology, you don’t have to worry about how you look or your eyes being closed, if you’re not satisfied with it you can always take more picture according to your needs.

3. Unlike the normal camera, the digital camera comes with the option of ‘deleting’ your unwanted videos/pictures. You can take as many photos as you like without the fear of wasting your film.

4. You never have to publish a single photo you take. You can save all your pictures easily on the computer and print the ones you really like. This saves the trouble of disposing off the bad ones.

5. Many of these cameras are quite handy. Since they don’t require space for film etc, they are very lightweight and small. Some cam?s are as small are a credit card but slightly thicker. They can easily be carried in pouches, handbags etc.

The drawbacks

1. Digital cameras are like mini computers. Yet the easy ones come with numerous operations, settings, techniques, buttons etc. Day by day, competitors launch new cameras with new features in order to cut down competition, this addition of new features means that the customer now has to learn how to operate them accordingly.

2. The most convenient way of sharing your pictures is by uploading them on the internet. There are quite a few web sites that permit uploading of pictures and then ordering prints. If you have a slow internet connection i.e. dial up, then uploading pictures might be a time consuming and slow process.

3. These cameras use typical AA batteries. Some of them also use specific rechargeable batteries made only for that specific camera. They are disreputable for consuming A LOT of battery. A regular film camera’s battery can run up to 5 years. Digital Cams batteries will run out depending on its use, the amount of usage determines the amount of battery consumed. Rechargeable batteries and backup batteries are a must for such cameras.

4. The cost of such a camera depends on its features. A normal film camera would cost around $100-$200, on the other hand the digital cam cost $250 ‘ onwards depending on the features and additional costs of storage cards can cost up to $70. Film cameras are cheaper.

5. Digital photographs create huge files. An undersized hard drive will fill up instantly. A sluggish computer can make the procedure of viewing photos annoying. In order to save your pictures, you must have sufficient features in your home computer

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